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Top ten tips
Top ten tips...
For acquiring a business and assets

You want to buy a business, but do you want to buy the business and assets or do you want to buy the shares of the company which owns the business/assets? It is an important distinction.

McDonalds UK worker strike
McDonalds UK worker strike
What does it mean for UK franchising?

Workers in McDonalds in Cambridge and Crayford have made headlines by staging the first ever strike by McDonald’s workers on UK soil. The arguments seen here are common with the workers wanting wage and working hours security and union recognition.

EMI options
EMI options
Changes in HMRC policy and practice

Companies operating tax-advantaged EMI option arrangements need to be aware of some recent changes in HMRC policy and practice, including restrictions on shares and working time declaration.

The consequences of suspending an employee
The consequences of suspending an employee
Be careful of knee-jerk reactions!

Suspending an employee without considering the circumstances could result in an employee arguing this decision was a fundamental breach of contract, resigning and pursuing a claim for constructive dismissal.

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